Rocky Mountain Radar Detector/ Scrambler - RMR-C435

Rocky Mountain Radar Detector/ Scrambler - RMR-C435
Model #: RMR-C435
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Master Carton: 1
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  • Radar detector provides maximum detection against Instant On, POP radar
  • Car equipment scrambles all radar bands (X, K, Ka, SuperWide, Instant-On, Pulse)
  • Electronic device scrambles all Lidar guns (LTI 20-20, Pro-Laser, Laser-Lyte, Stalker)
  • Micro-scan
  • Smart-scan to lower false alarms
  • 360 degree laser/radar detection
  • VG-2/VG-3 undetectable, selectable VG-2 detection
  • Automatic internal scrambler test
  • Four-level dim
  • City/highway, mute, signal strength meter, selectable tones
  • Last setting memory
  • Detects safety alert (SA) and safety warning system (SWS)
  • Windshield mounting bracket and power cord