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Offers 30% less skin irritation than rotary systems with built-in skin conditioners. Precision long hair trimmer designed to trim your sideburns, moustache, or beard 100% waterproof..
Braun Combipack 40B
Foil & Cutter Head Replacement Cassette for CoolTec Shavers Quantity: 2 Cassettes For optimum performance; clean regularly. Brings back 100% performance Blades should be r..
Braun Series 3 Mens Shaving System - 370cc
Shave both short and long hairs in one stroke Smart foil - unique foil pattern captures hair growing in different directions Clean and renew system - cleans the shaver head in alcoh..
The perfect 2-in-1 tool for defining sharp beard styles^Unrestricted shape definition with the extra small trimming element^Two trimming combs of 8mm and 5mm for precise trimming of sideburns, ..
Braun Cooltec CT2CC Shaver SensoBlade to capture hairs growing in every direction ┬░CoolTec technology relieves redness, itching and irritation as you shave Wet and dry use ..